Yulin magnesium industry status

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There are totally 43 raw magnesium enterprises in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, China, which together supply half of the world's magnesium with a total capacity of 80WT every year. More than 90% of the metal magnesium enterprises in Yulin are family-run management enterprises, and the vast majority of metal magnesium enterprises in Yulin only produce magnesium ingots mainly, except Dongfeng magnesium industry, Jinchuan Hongtai, Huashun magnesium industry, Tianlong magnesium industry with magnesium alloy production and sales.

Overall, although the Yulin magnesium enterprises in recent years continue to forge ahead under the leadership of all levels of government, maintain a steady growth momentum, and some enterprises have a trend towards magnesium alloy development, however Yulin city as a leader in the field of the raw magnesium industry, there are still some extensive management, poor mechanization, low level of automation, serious environmental pollution and so on,  prominent problems need to be solved.

The first problem is low degree of mechanization and high labor intensity of workers. Yulin metal magnesium enterprises are still labor-intensive enterprises, the level of factory mechanization is low, most enterprises rarely use automation equipment. Research found that most enterprises currently the reducing of the workshop feeds, slag, and refining processes most of the operation is still mainly done by man. The high working temperature of the restoration workshop (reducing furnace port temperature is close to 800 degrees C), the refining workshop sulfur dioxide and other gases are seriously polluted, the labor intensity of workers has reached the limit, most enterprises are currently facing the dilemma of labor shortage, which also restricts the production capacity of Yulin metal magnesium enterprises. At present, the average age of workers working in metal magnesium enterprises is 40-50 years old, young people are rarely willing to engage in the metal magnesium industry, labor shortage, fault phenomenon is serious, resulting in metal magnesium enterprises to dig people, labor mobility is greater. It can be expected that metal magnesium enterprises in the next few years will face a very severe labor shortage test.

The second problem is environmental protection situation is grim. The research found that all metal magnesium enterprises have large environmental pollution, limited environmental protection input, weak awareness of labor protection of workers, the operation process did not wear effective labor protection equipment, especially in the metal magnesium reduction workshop and refining workshop problems are the most prominent. At present, most enterprises in Yulin gradually increased the coal shed, desulfurization tower, dust net and other environmental protection equipment, and from the overall point of view, Shenmu metal magnesium enterprises production environment, environmental protection investment, environmental protection facilities standards are better than the government valley magnesium enterprises, but the two counties still did not fundamentally completely solve the problem of environmental pollution, Most businesses in both counties are still under a lot of environmental pressure.

The third problem is serious water waste. At present, Yulin metal magnesium enterprises are using boiler heating to produce water vapor with jet pump to accelerate the formation of water vapor to reduce the relative negative pressure in the tank to crystallize metal magnesium, but the jet pump system tail water vapor using direct emission mode, resulting in an annual output of 30,000 tons of metal magnesium enterprises waste water close to 1 million tons per year, Corporate water use is nearly 10 million a year. More than 40 metal magnesium enterprises in Yulin counties use 40 million tons of water resources each year, generating about 400 million Yuan of water costs, which not only has a great burden on the resource environment of the two prefectures of Yulin, but also has a negative impact on the economic benefits of metal magnesium enterprises.

 The fourth problem is the bottleneck of the original magnesium smelting technology. The magnesium enterprise smelting technology bottleneck mainly manifests itself in two aspects, one is the low reduction rate of primary magnesium, the production of magnesium oxide content is high (-5%), resulting in the production of magnesium metal enterprises in Yulin can only take buried treatment. According to research, before the Yulin part of the metal magnesium enterprises will produce waste treatment production for fire-free brick, cement and other products, but because of the high content of magnesium oxide in the waste slag, these products in the process of use of magnesium oxide gradually with water and carbon dioxide reaction, resulting in product volume expansion, and ultimately destroyed its own strength. According to domestic and foreign research, combined with Shanxi province and other places of waste slag actual treatment, only when the content of magnesium oxide in waste slag is less than 3%, waste slag can be effectively used in the production of fire-free brick and other products, and to ensure the post-structural strength and product use of safety and reliability. Second, the metal magnesium enterprise magnesium ingot purity is low, in addition to Fugu Huashun magnesium industry and Jingfu coal chemical magnesium ingot purity can reach 99.95% outside, other metal magnesium enterprises are facing the problem of low purity of magnesium ingots.

All the above issues need the local government, as well as domestic and foreign counterparts in various industries to work together to solve, we hope that Yulin metal magnesium enterprises in the future can continue to forge ahead, and truly develop into a green and environmentally friendly local pillar enterprises, for the future development of magnesium-based materials to lay a solid foundation.